Hydroball System

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HydroBall System

The Non-Powered HydroBall System is a planted automatic tube cleaning system used in commercial and industrial buildings to reduce energy wastage accompanied by R&D ingenuity and sound engineering design that covers every potential reduction in resource consumption.

As the innovation to achieve “state-of-the-art design” was given full management support, HydroBall System has sufficiently developed to eliminate equipment downtime and optimises energy consumption by automatically keeping the inner surface of the tubes perpetually free from fouling and scaling deposits.

HydroBall System is the perfect cost-effective solution that optimises and decreases the usage of resources caused by the weak heat exchanger in the condenser and the energy needed for the chiller compressor to pump while delivering the same amount of cooling.

Our test results show that all chillers in central air-con systems equipped with HydroBall System have a trouble-free operation with the technical support from local distributors. It ensures optimal heat exchange efficiency, contributing to the prevention of unnecessary energy loss.

Aside from helping to eradicate such wastages that contribute to climate change, the Non-Powered Automatic Tube Cleaning System also prolong equipment’s life with low maintenance cost. Due to the continuity of innovation, ATCS is now one of the most widely patented products in the world.


  • Energy Optimization:
    The HydroBall System maintains the heat transfer capacity of the condenser at peak efficiency, thus, it reduces energy wastage and increases productivity growth.
  • Longer Compressor Lifespan:
    The compressor doesn’t need to exploit to compensate for poor heat exchange at the condenser. It reduces wear and tear, hence, it prolongs the compressor lifespan.
  • No Chiller Shutdown for Condenser Cleaning:
    The condenser will be kept clean during the operation. No more equipment shutdown during the cleaning process.

  • Prevents Condenser Tube Corrosion:
    Microbiological-induced corrosion of the condenser tubes is eliminated by keeping condenser tubes perpetually free from scale and fouling deposits.