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Hydroball Technics:
Your Partner in Energy Conservation

Amritpal Singh

We would like to thank you for making our Thomson Line Project Stage 1& 2 a great success. You and your team have been professional and responsive on the ground despite the various challenges to deliver the project deliverables on time.

Mr Lee Fook Khin

SMM Pte Ltd (3rd Party FM Provider for NTU)
During this verification period, the HydroBall System has proven to be an effective system for prevention of condenser fouling and maintaining Condenser Approach Temperature (CAT) without any indication of rising uptrend.

Mr Yong Siew Kit

Ecoheet Sales & Services Sdn Bhd
We noted the uniqueness of your system and while we are sceptical at first as your system operate without pump. However, there is no water discharge needed to circulate the cleaning sponge ball through the chiller condenser tubes for the purpose of rinsing motion within the ball receptacle to remove the dirt particles from the sponge balls after each cleaning cycle. This save us a lot of costs and issues associated with water discharge and pump-based system. With the positive results, we appreciate the impeccable services and assurance provided by your company for the HydroBall System to operate and function in the most satisfactory manner for energy conservation.