UV LED Air Purifier

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UV LED Air Purifier

Opening windows for cross-ventilation in the hot summer afternoons are not an ideal way to circulate air in closed spaces like houses, hotels, offices, schools, etc. Within this closed room recirculation, the chance of viruses and bacteria spreading via air are higher than usual.

HydroBall Technics (SEA) Pte. Ltd.’s UV LED Air Purifier system can be used in any functioning air-conditioning system to disinfect the room air from viruses, bacteria, fungi, odour and germs up to 99.93%. This disinfection also includes protection from the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus.

The UV LED Air Purifier uses the UVA and UVC light radiation to eradicate the harmful particles from the air entering the room by the process of photocatalysis.

The device is placed inside the air-conditioning unit by gluing it with adhesive strips to the inner surface or by fixing it to the air inlet using cable ties. The light bar faces the filters in the air-conditioning device which are sprayed with the titanium dioxide activator spray to trigger the process of photocatalysis.

UV LED Air Purifier Contents:

  1. 1. 2x UV Light Bars
  2. 2. 1x Remote Control
  3. 3. 1x Transformer
  4. 4. 1x TiO2 Spray Bottle
  5. 5. 8x Adhesive Tape Pieces
  6. 6. 8x Cable Ties

Other Features: