HydroBall Technics is the principal manufacturer of the award winning automated tube cleaning Hydroball System with 41 patent claims in 21 Countries.

Product of Singapore with Green Certification. We received the Innovator Award in 2004 from The Enterprise Challenge (TEC) under the Prime Minister’s Office.

HydroBall Technics was established since January 2003 by Renny Yeo & Peter Soh.

We aim to deliver energy conservation solutions with a strong, measurable impact on energy cost management and productivity.

We are engaged in the generation of intellectual properties related to efficient industrial water cooling and energy conservation in chillers and large process plants using water-cooled shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

Our resource conservation solutions have a proven short payback period of less than 36 months.

We are working with government organization and air conditioner manufacturers to ensure favorable market conditions and compatibility.

We do R&D to adapt system for Nuclear Power Plant and other non-traditional markets.

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