McClean Automatic Tube Cleaning System

The McClean automatic tube cleaning system circulate cleaning sponge ball through the condenser tubes to clean the scale and fouling on the inner surface of the tube, with each cleaning cycle to be completed within one minute followed by rinsing of the sponge balls in a swirling motion within the ball receptacle. The cleaning cycle is repeated every 30 minutes.

The McClean system use special designed BallPump as The Prime Mover– The ATC system contains a special designed ball pump to press the flow to function. The BallPump allows the sponge balls to go inside the BallPump and circulate out during system operation process without any default.


  • Environmentally-friendly to use – i.e. it does not waste excessive resources (electricity & water) during operations.
  • Low cost-of-use – including cost of replacing cleaning medium.
  • Negligible head loss to the cooling water system to prevent incurring extra load on the cooling water pump.
  • Made of materials that can withstand corrosion.
  • The procedure to replace the cleaning medium passing through the condenser tubes is simple and fast.
  • No loss of chemically treated cooling water during normal operation.
  • Suitable for the operating pressure of the cooling water system.
  • Ease of Installation.

System Layout

System Layout
McClean Schematic Drawing
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