The O₃ integrated ozone/oxygen systems combines air-cooled ozone generation with onboard oxygen concentration in a compact, wall-mountable stainless steel housing. Powerful and user-friendly, the O₃ System can produce up to 3.2 pounds of ozone/day and is ideal for a broad range of commercial and industrial applications.

The O₃ System is easy to operate with a convenient, intuitive control panel, including 0-100% variable power control, feed gas control, inlet air pressure and reactor back-pressure gauges; power supply feedback reference meter; and LED ozone production indicator. The control interface includes 4-20mA or 0-10VDC input signal for 0-100% variable ozone concentration control.

The heart of O₃ Ozone systems is our Ozone Generator State of Art Design: Cellular structure consists of tubes made of enamel material in the ozone reaction cells. The exclusive Ozone generator design produces highly reliable and efficient ozone generation in affordable, air-cooled systems. Floating Plate Technology allows challenging ozone applications and products to be approached with confidence and ease.

The O₃ System is designed to operate with high-quality plant air provided from the facility. The O₃ System, with onboard oil-less air compressor, provides compressed air, if plant air is unavailable or insufficient. Stand-alone air compressor packages are also available from Hydroball Ozone.

System on Inactivation of Common Pathogenic Bacteria

System on Inactivation of Common Pathogenic Bacteria

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System Model List

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