The Version 8.xx series HydroFlow ultrasonic flow meter has been upgraded based on the Version 7.xx series HydroFlow ultrasonic flow meter, which is still the main product line of the company. The new Version 8.xx retains most of the excellent features and functions of the previous versions: the pulse measurement technology, the ultrasonic igniting and the small signal receiving circuits etc. The main improvements are made on the battery supply circuit and on the transmitting circuits. All other circuits are simply integrated into this new version without major modifications, due to the fact that we have already applied the most advanced measurement technologies and attained a more reliable model of ultrasonic flow meter.

The TDS-100 Series flow meter incorporates the latest ICs manufactured from the famous semiconductor manufacturers like Philips, Maxim, TI, Winbond, and Xilinx. The hardware features the ease of operation, high accuracy and outstanding reliability, while the software provides a very userfriendly interface and much more functions. It employs a patent balanced lower voltage multi-pulse igniting circuit which increases the anti-interference ability magnificently so that the flow meter will work properly even in demanding industrial environments such as those with power frequency transverter working nearby.

  • 0.5% linearity
  • 0.2% repeatability
  • Chinese and English bilingual interface
  • 4 traffic accumulator
  • Patent balanced low voltage multi-pulse
  • Built-in data accumulator ultrasonic ignition
  • Built-in data logger
  • Normal operation near the inverter
  • 0.5 second accumulation period
  • 100 picosecond time measurement resolution
Hydroflow Ultrasonic Flow Meter

HydroFlow Meter Set

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Set Outside
HydroFlow Meter Set​ (Outside)
Ultrasonic Flow Meter Set Inside
HydroFlow Meter Set​ (Inside)
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