Key Benefits of Smartfilm :

SmartFilm gives users privacy on demand with the press of a button and respond within seconds.
SmartFilm can block UV rays and help occupants protect the interior furnishings and artwork from fading.
SmartFilm is enviromental friendly, and decreases the cost of lighting, heating & cooling for the occupants.
SmartFilm reduces hazardous glare and solar heat which enters the building besides offering great aesthetical experience, cool comfort and pleasure.
SmartFilm enhances the effect of sound insulation and the strength of your window and make it shatterproof.
SmartFilm can help save space and increase the space utilization efficiency. It enables the interior designer to work out a sleek and luxurious interior design even within a very limited space area.
SmartFilm can transform your exisitng glass panel into a digital glass billboard to engage target audience, with the option to have it upgraded into a touch screen.
No moving parts means maintenance is minimal. The removal work will be very similar with that of window tinting.
SmartFilm is designed simple and easy-to-use, and provides different control method for the convenience of users.

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