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McClean System

The McClean automatic tube cleaning system circulates sponge balls through the condenser tubing to keep the inner surface of the tubes free from scaling and fouling. Each cleaning cycle scours off the microbial fouling and soft scale before hardening in the heat exchanger tubes.

Scaling and microbial fouling build up every 200-400 hours. For manual cleaning, the condenser tubing should be scrubbed every 200 hours before fouling sets in. McClean System will automatically scour off the deposits by injecting sponge balls through the condenser tubing once every 30 mins.

The McClean system has a specially designed BallPump as the Prime Mover which allows the sponge balls to go pass through the BallPump without getting damaged.

Removing fouling deposits from heat exchangers and condenser tubes is costly and labour-intensive. McClean System eliminates maintenance costs associated with offline cleaning and increases the service life of the system.

System Layout