Optimise Your Building’s Energy & Water Efficiency and Sustainability With HydroBall’s Automatic Tube Cleaning System (ATCS) Integrated With HVAC systems
Striving to be a leading environmentally sustainable solutions provider, HydroBall Technics specialises in advancing ATCS technology integrated with HVAC systems to reduce carbon emissions and enhance system efficiency.

Leading Provider of Automatic Tube Cleaning Systems in Singapore

We specialise in tailoring durable ATCS & HVAC solutions to your space to not only increase efficiency, but also significantly lower lifecycle costs.

Innovative Green Products

We possess intellectual property rights for efficient industrial water-cooling and energy-conservation green products. Our products are suitable for chillers and large processing plants.

Safe & Sustainable Solutions

We aim to deliver safe, sustainable solutions that help in decarbonization with a short payback period. Our solutions have won several awards such as the Singapore Apex Corporate Sustainability Awards 2022.

Reduce Long-Term Business Costs

By implementing HydroBall’s energy & water efficient Automatic Tube Cleaning Systems, your chiller and condenser maintenance processes are streamlined with a significantly reduction in energy and water consumption. This translates into substantial cost savings for your business.

Our Products & Services

Discover our comprehensive range of ATCS & HVAC products and services designed to optimise performance, enhance efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions.

Hydroball Automated Tube Cleaning System

HydroBall Automatic Tube Cleaning System

A “Non-Powered, Dual Loop designed and Water resilient” automatic tube cleaning system that automatically eradicates fouling and scaling deposits within tubes to prolong equipment life.

McClean Automatic Tube Cleaning System

An automatic tube cleaning system that circulates sponge balls through the condenser tubing to keep inner tube surfaces free from scaling and fouling.

Cooling Tower

A cooling system that employs evaporative cooling to lower the temperature of warm water, cooling equipment used in industrial operations.

Automatic Tube Cleaning System Maintenance

Preventive maintenance services for your automatic tube cleaning systems.

Aircon Maintenance

Aircon servicing and maintenance to prolong your HVAC systems. We also provide aircon installation services.

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