McClean Auto Tube Cleaning System

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McClean Automatic Tube Cleaning System

The McClean automatic tube cleaning system circulates sponge balls through the condenser tubing, keeping the inner surface free from scaling and fouling. Each cleaning cycle scours off the soft scale and microbial fouling before hardening occurs in heat exchanger tubes.

  • Automatic tube cleaning system with Ball Pump as a prime mover
  • Circulates sponge balls through condenser tubing to remove soft scaling and microbial fouling
  • Sponge balls are ran through condenser tubing every 30 minutes

McClean Automatic Tube Cleaning System Benefits

Non-damaging cleaning process

The McClean system has a specially designed BallPump as the Prime Mover, which allows the sponge balls to pass through the BallPump without damaging the system.

Reduce maintenance costs

Scaling and microbial fouling build up every 200-400 hours. For manual cleaning, the condenser tubing should be scrubbed every 200 hours before fouling sets in. McClean System will automatically scour off the deposits by injecting sponge balls through the condenser tubing once every 30 mins.

Increase system's lifespan

By preventing buildup of scaling and fouling, this automatic tube cleaning system is able to run at peak performance more efficiently and thus able to remain well-functioning over a longer period of time.